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Honest Abe Roofing Franchise - Meet Hone

Who is Honest Abe? Is he the owner of the company? Is he an employee? Nope! He's an accomplished actor. Read below to meet the man behind the Abe, Michael Krebs.

Honest Abe Roofing Franchise - Michael K

Michael Krebs, like Abraham Lincoln, grew up in Illinois. He began acting in high school by participating in scholastic productions for the drama club. After graduating he joined the Screen Actors Guild and began to pursue a career in stage and film. After acting for a number of years he realized his true calling.


From a young age it was apparent that he had a striking resemblance to the 16th president of the United States. In 1994 Krebs began to use that resemblance by portraying Abe in various capacities. He's never looked back! Not only did he begin to play Abe on stage, on television and in movies, he also educated himself on the life of his historical doppelganger. Not only is he now the most sought after "Abe" in the country, he's also the preeminent historian of Mr. Lincoln's life.


Last year credits him portraying Lincoln in the NBC's time traveling themed show Timeless on the episode titled: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Other accolades include a Lincoln portrayal in 2014 theatrical film Field of Lost Shoes.


To get to know Michael Krebs better, visit Or better yet... Become a franchisee and meet him yourself during your commercial shoot!

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