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We are seeking individuals who want to take charge of their future, seek freedom, and strive to make a lasting impact. Our ideal Honest Abe Roofing franchisee is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

We only want the best of the best to represent our brand. Our franchise approval team seeks candidates with a proven track record of success both professionally and personally. Our goal is to bring onboard individuals who will uphold the integrity of our system.

Here are some key attributes that our franchise approval team looks for in a candidate:

  • At least 5 years of sales experience

  • Sales management background

  • Cold-calling experience

  • Proven track record of success

  • Support from spouse or significant other

  • Annual earnings of $150,000 or more for the past 5 years

  • Available capital of $300,000 or more

  • Credit score of 690 or higher across all major credit bureaus

  • No criminal record

  • Excellent physical condition

  • Refusal to accept mediocrity.

The video below shows you what to expect for the presentation that you will give to our Franchise Approval Team. This presentation is the final step toward being awarded a franchise.

"We're not looking for franchisees, but rather we're looking for THE RIGHT franchise Business Partners. Individuals who are up to the challenge, invested in bettering their lives and the lives of others, and are ready to stay on top of this competitive industry."


Simply fill out the form to connect with a franchise advisor.

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