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Are you a cow or a Buffalo?

Abraham Lincoln led our nation through the American Civil War, often referred to as the bloodiest war and the greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis. During his time in office he persevered the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government, and modernized the United States economy. Was Honest Abe a cow or a buffalo?

First you must know the difference in the behaviors of cows and buffalo. Out in the great Kansas plains that roll from the foothills out toward the east cows and buffalo coexist. This is one of the only places on earth this living arrangement exists, by the way. That being said, they have completely different reactions to natural occurrences, especially the formation of storms. You see, when a storm rolls in from the west, as storms almost always do, cows are extremely predictable. They know the storm is coming from the west, so naturally, they turn to the east and take off! The problem in lies the fact that cows are historically not real fast. After a period of time, the storm catches up to them and without knowing any other way, without any other pre-conceived plan, they continue running. They are essentially running with the storm. So, instead of outrunning the storm, they maximize their exposure to the storm by running with the storm and ensure without a shadow of a doubt that they get very wet! (Which is very unfortunate since they are all wearing suede!)

Many humans act in very much the same way! But in our species, the storm clouds that roll in come in the form of conflict with other members of our species. What shall we call this segment of our population? COWmans? Or, better yet…. COWards! These COWards will avoid conflict and confrontation, even when that conflict is inevitable. These misguided folks believe that if they run the other way long enough they will eventually outrun the storm. We know this isn’t the case. In fact, in many instances we end up enduring more consequences that they would have had they just confronted the situation head-on. But instead of simply getting wet, like our personality counterparts…. We take our lumps in the form of lost relationships, slower sales periods, lower revenues, lost opportunities and just plain old pain!

On the other hand, buffalo are wired just a bit differently. When the storm crests the peak of the mountaintop and is upon them, they turn and go all in directly into the face of the storm! They are sold on their mission which is to spend as little time as possible being drenched in rain! They know that by facing this storm head on, not slowing down, not letting off the gas pedal, they will minimize the amount of pain they experience! If only more of us would approach our lives, businesses or our prospects this way! Digging in to find the pain points associated with your prospects. Identifying weak points in your business that are not being done with diligence, conviction and you yourself are not 100% sold out!

There is a great deal of strategic payoff and strength built in to charging at your most challenging circumstances head on. You need more market qualified leads today, charge head on out the door and find them! You need more revenue today, charge head on into the office and fanatically make phone calls. You want record setting revenues out of your company, charge head on into your place of business today with an attitude that cannot be carved into smaller pieces no matter how hard anyone tries and lead your team directly into the storms you are facing. Do the work necessary to exceed your goals! Or, be the cow, continue running with the storm knowing one day, some day you will be out of the rain!

Will you be a cow or a buffalo today? We are actively seeking buffalo to join the Honest Abe Roofing Franchisee ranks! We are looking for business minded, sales focused individuals willing to run directly into the storm without fail, without thought, and allow us to lead you through the other side with greater financial health, a business you can be proud of and achieving results far greater than you have ever imagined in your life!

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