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Fathers - We Wouldn't Be Here Without You.

Father's Day is a perfect time to reflect on the important role that a Dad can play in shaping your future. Think about your own dad; good or Bad, I'd bet that he had a huge impact on your life. Dad's will effect every step of your life - from the moment you're born: First bath, first steps, riding a bike, first day of school, first date, sporting events, graduation, marriage, having kids of your own, and much much more. He's there to praise you when you succeed and to discipline you when you do wrong. He offers advice when appropriate, and just lends an ear when you need to talk. Dad's do so much for us, and we couldn't help to see the similarities between a dad and a franchisor.

Your "Business Dad"

Just like a Dad, a franchisor will have a HUGE impact on your business. A good one will help you reach your fullest potential, while a bad one will leave you scarred for life and venting your "Franchisor Issues" to a therapist!

The similarities between the role of a Dad and the role of a franchisor are striking. A franchisor will be there for the birth of your business, when you take your first business steps, when you have your first sale, when you have your first misstep, and all the way through to when you eventually build your business to a point when you decide to sell and retire. The quality of the franchisor will be as instrumental to your business as the quality of your dad is to your own personal development. The major difference between dads and franchisors is that YOU get to choose your franchisor. Don't choose an "absentee franchisor". We'd like you to consider letting us "adopt" you. We promise to be there for you for all of your major moments. We'll be there to celebrate your successes and to pick you up when you fall. We'll give you advise when you need it and listen to your advise on how we can improve. Let us be your "Franchise Dad" and we'll love you like a son or daughter! Happy Fathers Day! -The Honest Abe Roofing Franchise Team

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