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Honest Abe Roofing is coming to Jacksonville, Florida!

New Franchise Business Partner

Todd King (Jacksonville, FL.) signed his franchise agreement yesterday, making them the 27th Honest Abe Roofing Franchise Business Partner.

Who is Todd King? Todd has been an entrepreneur his entire adult life. After graduating from Clemson University with a bachelors degree in finance, he joined his father in running a family business. After 7 years of running that business Todd branched out on his own and opened a commercial cleaning franchise. He was less than impressed with the new franchise. After signing his agreement, they provided him with some equipment, a few hours of training, and sent him on his own. This experience left Todd less disillusioned with the franchise industry. He didn't give up though. He persevered and continued to grow that company until selling it a few years later. From there, he opened his own home improvement company that specializes in interior remodeling. With that company flourishing, it was time for Todd to diversify. Even though he had a bad experience with the cleaning franchise, he knew the benefits of owning a franchise, and in January of this year he purchased a fitness franchise. But, with the restrictions imposed by the government due to COVID-19 he was unable to open as planned. With the fitness franchise plans on hold, he decided to diversify his portfolio even further. He had a great business already servicing the inside of the home, he thought, "why not tackle the exterior?". And in September he reached out to us to begin the process of investing in an Honest Abe Roofing Franchise. Today, Todd lives in Jacksonville with his wife and 2 children. Check back for more news on his progress as he begins the launch process of his new Honest Abe Roofing franchise.

Why did we approve Todd? When applicants come to us with previous business experience, our ears perk up! When that applicant demonstrates the ability to own and operate several successful businesses, we get excited! Todd has clearly demonstrated that ability. Persevering through the trials that a business can throw at you shows tremendous grit and tenacity. With those two attributes, a person can succeed at anything that they do. We choose to award franchise territories to people that posses the following qualities:

  1. Great Character

  2. Great Attitude

  3. Great People Skills

  4. Great Financial Wherewithal

Todd has all of those qualities, and more! We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce him to you as our newest Franchise Business Partner. Welcome to the team, Todd!

Why did he choose Honest Abe Roofing? Todd saw the potential revenue that a roofing company can produce, but didn't want to create all of the systems of a roofing business from scratch. He saw that we had all of the systems and procedures in place for him to be successful. He knew that with our system and his drive and leadership, he has the potential to own a life-changing business. "Thank you [Honest Abe Roofing Franchise] for the opportunity to be a part of this tremendous team! Really looking forward to working with the Honest Abe Roofing organization and building the brand and a great business here in Jacksonville!" - Todd King NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!

Are you ready to be like the Todd? Start your journey to financial freedom today, by harnessing the power of a proven business system by visiting www.RoofingFranchise.com or call 866-587-5171 to speak to a Franchise Adivsor today.

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