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Why do most people quit? | How you can avoid being a quitter when buying a franchise.


If you quit on your journey toward owning a franchise, you may regret it. Owning a franchise can be a rewarding experience, and help you to create a fulfilling life.
Quit your job and buy a franchise

Country Filled With Quitters!

Our nation is full of quitters! That's right, WE ARE A NATION THAT IS FULL OF QUITTERS! How can we say that? It can't be true. This is the greatest country on earth (it is, by the way)! So we can't be full of quitters... Or, can we? Let's look at the numbers.

  • 30% of people have quit a job within the first 90 days.

  • 48% of sales people quit after the first call.

  • 72% of sales people quit after the second call.

  • 84% of sales people quit after the third call.

  • 90% of sales people quit after the fourth call.

  • 99% of people that investigate becoming a franchisee - NEVER BECOME ONE.

See. We have a nation full of quitters. Read below to see why quitting could be the biggest mistake of your life.

Gold prospector panning for gold during the gold rush. If only he had bought a home improvement franchise.
Buying a franchise can be like mining for gold.

Are You Stopping 3 Feet From Gold?

During the Gold Rush days of the 19th century, people by the hundreds would sell off everything they owned to head west and pursue their fortunes. One such "prospector" was a man named R.U. Darby. He, like most of the folks that were digging for gold, had no experience in the trade. What he did have was a dream and a willingness to pursue that dream. He set out from his home state of Maryland and headed west toward Colorado. He staked his claim to a site that he believed may contain gold and began digging. In no time he discovered that this mine indeed contained gold! Jackpot! In fact, this mine appeared to potentially be one of the richest gold deposits that had been discovered at that time. He knew that he was going to become one of the richest people in the world in no time due to his discovery, and good fortune. But, since he was an inexperienced miner, he lacked the equipment necessary to harvest the gold, so he headed back to Maryland to raise funds to purchase the equipment. Once he returned, he began digging...And digging....And digging... ...The gold vein that had appeared so promising had disappeared. All he could find was more dirt. It was gone! He thought, "Was it all a dream?". Dejected, he decided to give up. He believed that this mine that once appeared so promising was a "dud". He had put himself into substantial debt to purchase the equipment so - making a rash decision - he decided to liquidate. Nearby he met a "Junk Man" and sold him the equipment and the rights to the mine for $200. This deal was a no-brainer for the "Junk Man" as the equipment itself was worth a few thousand dollars (Darby knew that too, but desperation and emotion causes you to make poor decisions). Now, with his head hanging low, he went back to Maryland with his tail between his legs. He was totally soul crushed. His dreams of riches were dashed, but at least he had his dignity. He was free from the "blunder mine" and could now return to his "average" life.

The "Junk Man" had a feeling that the mine he now owned may still have some treasure for him. All he had to do was figure out how to find it. So he consulted with a professional mine engineer. The mine engineer told him that the reason Darby was unsuccessful is that he lacked a crucial piece of knowledge - The direction of gold veins are influenced by fault lines. The engineers' calculations revealed that the gold could be found again by making a minor adjustment (3 feet to be exact). Meaning that Darby only had to adjust where he was looking by 3 feet to find the vein again. The "Junk Man" took the advice and adjusted the trajectory of the drill by 3 feet. Voila - GOLD! He tapped back into the gold and made MILLIONS! The "Junk Man" was now a multi-millionaire thanks to a $200 investment and Mr. Darby's lack of persistence.

How does this story relate to our franchise?

This story is just one of thousands of examples from history that point to a universal truth. Perseverance is the most important trait one can have in order to achieve greatness. Remember the statistic from above when you're investigating becoming a franchisee. 99% of you will NEVER BECOME A FRANCHISEE! We have had individuals sign letters of intent (a document we use to reserve territories while preparations are being made to officially sign the Franchise Agreement). At some point along the way several of those individuals have decided to stop the process - essentially, they decided to stop "3 feet from gold". When making any decision that could benefit you and your family, you owe it to your future self to consult someone who has first hand knowledge of our system. That's why we always suggest that potential franchisees call one, some, or all of our current franchisees to get their perspective. Also, before calling it quits, it's important to remember why you started thinking about it in the first place. Nothing has changed with our opportunity. The only thing that changes is your feeling about our opportunity. Whether it's fear, or someone in your sphere of influence spoon feeding you negativity, remember that your dreams may be just a few feet away. If you're one of the individuals this article is referring to, remember that it's never too late. Until, of course, your territory has been taken. When you're ready to start the process up again, we're only a phone call away. Don't be the 99%... Be the ONE!

What Happened to R.U. Darby?

Don't feel bad for Mr. Darby. Word of the "Junk Man's" success got back to him and it changed his life. He vowed to never give up again. That shift in attitude lead to him becoming one of the most successful insurance salesmen in the country. He learned how to persist. You can too!

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