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About Honest Abe Roofing Franchise

Honest Abe Roofing

Over A Decade Of Expertise

Honest Abe Roofing was founded in 2007 by Kevin Newton in the small town of Terre Haute, Indiana. He launched his small-town business and slowly gained customers from his friendly demeanor and skilled roofing craftsmanship. Within a few years, Kevin took the initiative to make a change and grow his small-town business into something bigger, and better. Upon this new direction, his business took off with a focus on customer service and happy homeowners. With a booming business, Kevin began hiring new employees and growing into a large corporate roofing franchise, with its one-of-a-kind small-town feel. Since opening, Honest Abe Roofing has never stopped growing! Learning from the good times and bad, we have created a  proven business model that is built upon quality training, effective marketing strategies, and construction management that leads to lucrative sales.


Our Services


Our Culture

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Ideal Owner

Our Services

As the leading roofing franchise in the Industry, Honest Abe is growing into a large corporate roofing franchise, with its one-of-a-kind,  small-town feel.  As America’s most reliable roofer, we offer quality training services, high-income potential, ongoing assistance, and strong marketing support as a way to set up our franchisees for success. We provide you with all the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills you need to thrive. Launch your future for generations with no prior roofing experience.

Our Culture

Since the beginning of Honest Abe Roofing, we have successfully expanded our company into more locations, more territories, and more opportunities. Our mission is to be the world’s most professional and respected roofing company. We do this by creating a culture that supports our team members, so they can provide superior customer service.

Our Ideal Owner

Our Franchisees are the heart of our success. As the leading company in the roofing industry, we take pride in each franchise and the people that make it happen. Our Franchisees are committed to our values and upholding the Honest Abe standards each and every day. With our core principles, each Franchisee has the opportunity to launch their future for generations to come!


Our Franchisees are:

1. Leaders.

2. Risk-Takers.

3. Willing to Learn.

4. Adaptable.

5. Team Players.

6. Patient.

7. Results Driven.

8. Passionate

Launch Your Future

Our Franchisees thrive from their passion and hard work! Honest Abe Roofing paves the way for long-lasting success, ensuring a legacy to be cherished by future generations.

Our business model will open up opportunities for your success as an entrepreneur to secure your future.

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