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Our Launch Process

How to Launch a
Roofing Business

Picture this. You just signed to become Honest Abe Roofing's next Franchisee! Now you have 12 weeks till the grand opening of your new location where you are ready and open for business.

Our Training Systems Set You up for Success

Our 12 week launch process includes in-person training, online training, zoom training, and franchise training. At the end of our launch process, you will be an expert in our business model so you can start earning millions.

Our Support Teams will Walk You Through Each Step

Our support teams are here to help you with marketing, sales, human resources and construction management the day you sign to become an Honest Abe Roofing Franchise owner.

  1. Finding a Location/Building

  2. Recruiting Your Team

  3. Setting up Vendors

  4. Scheduling 

  5. Training

Put Your Energy Here


Launch Your Future

Our Launch process has been put in place so you can launch your store fast and simple. Our Teams are here to make your opening process easy. Join our team and start the conversation today!

Get Started Living Your Dream Today!

Please complete the form, and a franchise advisor for Honest Abe Roofing will be in touch with you shortly.

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