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Day in the Life

Day in the Life of a
Franchise Owner

Our Franchise Owners have the flexibility to build their own schedule and set their priorities. Each day looks different depending on the owner - some days may be more meeting-heavy, while other days can be focused on the marketing and sales processes to ensure operations are running smoothly.

Hear From Our Franchisees

"On a daily basis, I conduct or oversee training and sales meetings, check on production installs, monitor A/R and collections, check all of our sales and inside sales numbers, and monitor the communications in Abe Connect.


I have a weekly managers meeting, and about once a month I have a meeting with our marketing company. Of course there are a whole lot more I do, but these are some of the consistencies."

- Don Lanier, Evansville

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"I start my day bright and early by diving into my inbox and connecting with my dedicated team. In the dynamic world of roofing and construction, there are numerous components in motion, so its important my team and I are on the same page to ensure we are operating smoothly.


Alongside my management team, I examine performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to confirm that we are steering in the right direction."

- Vee Velagic, Orlando

Roles and Responsibilities

As an individually owned and operated franchise owner, your roles and responsibilities are as followed:

  1. Oversee day-to-day operations

  2. Report on financial findings

  3. Attend our 4 types of training sessions

  4. Ensure the business model is running smoothly 


We Invest in Our Team

When it comes to our team, we provide the necessary training and  support they need to help every homeowner! Our Roofing Franchise is committed to supporting our valued team members in pursuit of excellent customer service so they can focus on

running their business.

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