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Business Model

Our Business Model

Our business model benefits both the buyer and seller by expanding the brand and growing the business. The Honest Abe Roofing business model helps you create, execute, and deliver profit in your chosen territory. 

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7 Benefits of Our
Business Model

As a franchise owner, our business model is set up to launch your business in just 12 weeks. With the Honest Abe Roofing business model, you will receive these 7 benefits.

Multiple Revenue Streams

We maximize your income by generating potential through multiple revenue streams.


Partner Companies

Minimize your labor costs by hiring subcontractors and using latest technologies for core business functions.

Low Overhead

We utilize partner companies to perform construction, keeping costs low.


Financing Options

We are one of the only roofing companies in America that offers low cost financing to potential customers.

High Average Ticket

Access to exclusive product lines and high quality material.


Quick Return Rates

With a lower cost of entry you have the potential of earning back your investment quickly.

High Annual Revenue

High average tickets and partnering with subcontractors allows for high annual revenue.


The Average Life-span of a
roof is 20-25 years

Weather is the number one reason residential roofs need replacements or repairs. With this constant need for roofing, our business model is built to last and provide a needed service to homeowners. Discover how you can join the $52 billion dollar industry.


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