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How We Determine Franchise Territories?





Determining the boundaries of a home service and home improvement franchise territory is a unique process compared to the retail and food franchise world. We explored multiple scenarios before arriving at the one that best aligns with our business model. Other service franchises award territories based solely on population, but this approach has one significant downside: how can we prevent franchisees from overlapping and encroaching on each other?

We developed a better way of determining the territory boundaries for our franchise locations. We award territories that have clearly defined boundary lines using Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), which are defined by the US Census Bureau. An MSA is a region that includes a city and surrounding communities linked by social and economic factors.

There are 389 MSAs in the United States, and we segment them into four groups based on population size rankings:

  • Mega-Markets - Top 30

  • Primary Markets - 31-70

  • Secondary Markets - 71-150

  • Tertiary Markets - 151+

The franchise fee for each MSA segment is as follows:

  • Mega - Divided into 3-4 Secondary territories - $50,000 for each territory

  • Primary - $70,000

  • Secondary - $50,000

  • Tertiary - $35,000

Consult your Franchise Advisor to find your desired territory and learn more about investment and availability.


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