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No Experience Required to Run a Roofing Franchise?

How is that possible?

Running a roofing company, as you can imagine, takes a vast technical knowledge of the roofing trade.  So, how can you own an Honest Abe Roofing franchise with no prior experience?  

Great question!  We'll show you!

Our franchise is first and foremost a Marketing and Sales franchise.  We believe that those two disciplines are the most important aspects responsible for the success of any business.  We have perfected them and as such, you can count on a steady flow of opportunities and new customers using our system.  But, what do you do when the marketing and selling systems work and you have to install the roof?  Well, we perfected that as well!

The fourth pillar of our business model is construction management. Notice that we didn't say roofing is the fourth pillar.  As a construction management firm, you will be able to shorten your learning curve by focusing on 4 core areas.

  1. Measuring

  2. Pricing

  3. Ordering

  4. Installing

But Im not a roofer.png

How do you measure a roof, when you've never been a roofer?

Measuring a roof used to take hours to complete.  You had to be on-site, with a measuring tape and a calculator.  You had to have a knowledge of roofing and geometry in order to get an accurate calculation.  Thanks to the Honest Abe Roofing Franchise Satellite Measuring Software, Abe-Praisal, that's a thing of the past.


Now, measuring is no more complicated than point, click, DONE.   


How do you determine the price of replacing a roof, when you've never been a roofer?

Determining the price of a roof can be a complex exercise.  There are many parts and pieces that go into ensuring that  roof is a waterproof system, and all of those components need to be ordered, and paid for.  So determining the price becomes a itemized nightmare!  That is, until Honest Abe Roofing created the AbeConnect pricing software.  

Now, all you need to do to get an accurate price for the roof is to enter the numbers from your Abe-Praisal measurement, and voila - You have a price!


How do you order materials for a roof, when you've never been a roofer?

Once you have your measurement (The industry refers to this as a takeoff report) and the price (And the job is sold...), it's time to order materials.  This can be a cumbersome task.  you don't want to order too little and be forced to stop the job to order more.  You don't want to order too much and be left with excess that you have to store.  Just like Goldilocks, you want it to be just right.

That's why we created the Transcontinental Supply Company (TSC) for our franchise system. TSC's sole purpose is to serve our franchisees by making ordering the easiest part of their day.  

Take the measurements from AbeConnect, upload them to TSC ordering app, schedule delivery, and receive the materials.

It's that simple!

The best part... You'll get it at price 20% lower than other roofers that order from the local supply house!  

2020 Master-REVISED_Discovery Day Powerp

How do you install a roof, when you've never been a roofer?

This is the biggest "how" of them all.  If you're not a roofer, it's impossible to own a roofing franchise!  Or is it?

Sure, trying to install a roof by putting on a tool belt and installing it yourself with no skill or experience would pose challenging (or disastrous for some).  That's where the partner crew comes in.  Remember, this is not a roofing franchise!  It's a construction management franchise.  Our franchisees can focus on marketing, selling, and ordering, and are able to let the partner (sub-contractor) provide the labor.  

Using partner crews is a Win-Win-Win.

Win #1 - The Partner - They don't want to have to market, sell, order, or provide customer service.  They want to roof!  And they're good at it.  This model allows them to do what they're good at, and allows you to focus on what you're good at - Running a business.

Win #2 - The Franchisee - You don't want to have to install a roof!  You want to run your business.  Now you can without the burden of a large payroll.  This model ties a large part of your human expense to the cost of goods sold!

Win #3 - The Customer - Now two parties have "skin in the game".  The partner doesn't get paid until the customer is happy.  The same is not true if you use company employees.  Employees get paid just for showing up.

Finding the right partner crew is vital to the success of your roofing franchise.  We created to help you build your partner crew database.



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