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3 Reasons Why Becoming A Franchisee Is A Perfect Fit For Sales Pros

Discover how your expertise can drive success in the world of franchising and bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life

As a salesperson, you’ve worked hard making someone else sales revenue, and in exchange have received commissions. While some commission checks can be sizeable, wouldn’t it be great to get a larger share of the sale? You’re the one bringing in the business, so shouldn’t you be the one who most benefits financially from the sale after expenses? At Honest Abe Roofing, we absolutely think you should control the main slice of the revenue pie.

Own Your Financial Future

Have you ever had to transfer your accounts to another salesperson? Have you had your commission capped? There’s nothing worse than earning less from your hard-earned accounts when the company you work for decides to change the compensation rules. Owning your own franchise means you own a territory and your clients are yours to keep. And there’s no cap on commissions when you’re the CEO.

Instead of being at risk during the next round of layoffs or having to report to a boss you may not agree with about strategy, franchise owners don’t have a job — they have a business that’s all their own. The only person they report to is themselves.

Own A Proven Business Model

If you’ve been in the sales game a while, you know how to overcome objections, negotiate value and how to deliver client satisfaction. You also have a high level of client empathy. These are all skills that translate to being a business owner. What you might not have is a proven business model. That’s another huge perk of being a franchisee.

Unlike start-ups, franchisees make their ROI faster because they can hit the ground running with a proven business model to leverage the franchise’s brand, reputation and framework for success.

Support For All Non-Sales Work

Running a successful business requires marketing, accounting, operations, technology and other talents. If these aren’t your skill-sets, franchising is perfect for you. As a franchisee, you’ll have access to templates, time-tested manuals, training information, locating employees and marketing support.

Franchise opportunity

At Honest Abe Roofing, most of our franchisees were never in the roofing business before they became franchise owners. And they will all tell you that they didn’t need to be. What they did know was sales. If you know sales and you’re not afraid of hard work, get in touch with us and let’s have a discussion to see if we’re a good fit for you and your financial goals. For more information and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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