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5 Reasons Why Veterans Make Great Franchise Owners

Owning a franchise is a great opportunity for most entrepreneurs, but veterans are particularly suited for the role, even if they’ve never run a business on their own. Here are five reasons why:

Vets Are Quick Learners

Any member of the military needs to go through an intense training program to prepare for the work they’re going to do. Those training programs instill in service members an ability to learn quickly that will be useful even once their service ends. As franchise owners, learning quickly will help veterans ensure that their businesses succeed.

Leadership Abilities

Even veterans who weren’t promoted to a high rank learn valuable leadership skills during their time in the service. Developing leadership abilities in the military is a valuable advantage when it comes time for a veteran to open a franchise.

Anyone could take a leadership course but that won’t compare to the leadership training veterans receive during their service. Being a business owner is all about being a good leader so those leadership skills will come in handy almost immediately. When veterans are leading their franchise employees and building up a successful business, their leadership abilities will be very valuable.


Being a part of the military requires intense commitment and discipline. Those same skills (and they are skills) are also necessary for being a franchise owner.

Owning your own business requires you to be self-driven and committed to success because no one but you can make it happen. Veterans, perhaps more than anyone, possess that drive and commitment because of their time in the service. They know what it means to give their all to something and they’ll be able to do that for their franchise, too. That kind of commitment sets a great base for success as a business owner.

An Understanding Of Systems

The military is known for its emphasis on rules and systems. In combat, these rules and systems can be the difference between life and death. In civilian life, understanding how systems work is a valuable skill for succeeding in running a business.

A franchise is its own kind of system with its own rules and regulations but even broad familiarity with systems will be useful. Veterans can apply their understanding to help their franchise be as successful as possible.

Cool Under Pressure

Running a business is not easy. It can involve lots of stress and headaches, which causes some business owners to crack under the pressure. Veterans are some of the most well-suited business owners to deal with these challenges.

During their time in the service, veterans have undoubtedly faced and overcome more stress than what running a business entails. They may have survived mortal threats, seen friends and service members hurt or in danger. By comparison, owning a franchise won’t be nearly as difficult. By staying cool under pressure, veterans will be able to run their business well even when things get difficult.

Take The Next Step

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