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Does My Company Need a LinkedIn Presence?

There is a science behind choosing the right combination of social media platforms for your business. If you choose too few, your audience might struggle to engage with your message. If you choose too many, your audience might drown in a sea of TMI.

There are currently more than three million Company Pages on LinkedIn. These pages showcase businesses from Antarctica to Iceland to the now more than 300 million monthly LinkedIn users.

And the best part is that you don’t have to be an international business superpower like Apple or Coca-Cola to build a following using LinkedIn—there’s plenty of room for small businesses to reap the benefits of a Company Page.

Most companies use their Company Page to tell their brand’s history, share news and updates, promote products or services, advertise job opportunities, and engage with current and future customers. In the last year more than half a million Company pages have been created covering more than 150 different industries.

But how can you tell if LinkedIn is the right fit for your business?

You want to reach a larger audience—much larger!

Nearly 77% of LinkedIn users say they utilize the social media outlet to research people/companies. If you do the math, that’s more than 190 million users who want to type in your brand’s name and discover all there is to learn about your company on LinkedIn. A Company Page adds another layer of legitimacy to your brand because it allows for an open, transparent dialogue between you and your brand’s followers. Just over 38% of LinkedIn users cite following Company Pages as their favorite LinkedIn feature!

You have time to pay attention to the “little things”

“If you build it, they will come.” This classic quote from Field of Dreams obviously wasn’t referring to LinkedIn Company Pages. Building a successful Company Page is about more than just filling out a profile, adding a profile picture, and hoping your followers will find you. LinkedIn has recently launched several methods for enhancing your overall profile, including a Products & Services tab where you can not only feature your brand’s most significant and popular assets, but also provides an area for your followers to provide product recommendations to set you above and beyond the competition!

You have the know-how to project SME status

One of the most valuable elements a Company Page can provide is the ability for your brand to align itself as a subject matter expert (SME). Just over 37% of LinkedIn users cite an increase in branding/marketing presence in the marketplace as the most helpful LinkedIn feature. Becoming an SME is not easy and will not happen overnight, but the ability of your brand to create and curate quality content across the platform will position your brand favorably with your followers.

Even better for small businesses, the SME tree can bear even more fruit because your local competitors have likely yet to successfully expand to their own presence to LinkedIn, meaning that by providing your followers rich, vibrant content means you’re a social media pioneer!

A strong social media strategy is essential if you want to smartly position your brand within the realm of digital marketing. Work to craft the right strategy for your brand across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, and track results to improve your efforts daily, weekly and monthly.

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