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What is a Discovery Day?

5 tips explaining what Discovery Days are, and how companies utilize them

Discovery Days are a way for companies to invite you in person to learn more about the franchise business and processes.

Attending a Discover Day allows the company to bring in a prospective franchisee into corporate headquarters and wow you with the details of your potential success. An introduction, PowerPoint, lunch, and q&a are a part of the package when learning more about the company.

The only way a franchise can grow is by adding more people to the team and more locations across the nation. Nowadays, Discovery Days may look a little different post-Covid-19. Virtual learning is a coveted asset all companies love, making it possible to reach you at any time, on your schedule. Alternatively, attending an in-person Discovery Day is the best way to get the most out of your own time, and educate yourself on the company.

To dive deeper into attending a Discover Day, here are 5 tips you can expect to learn throughout your experience.

1. Learn A Unique Business

First Impressions are key. Grabbing the attention of a potential franchisee is the most important step from the very beginning. To do so, it is important to start with a wow factor and explain what sets you apart from the rest of the companies out there. As an attendee, you will be educated on why the company is the best, and how you will be successful when you choose to join the team.

2. Meet the Team

Attending a Discovery is a great opportunity to meet the people you are getting into business with. It is crucial to take note of the atmosphere, and the people, as much as it is to agree on the business model. As a potential Franchisee, you are adopting a pre-made business model that is all set and ready to go, meaning you can be successful right off the bat. However, the company already has logistics in place to help you with everything, meaning they already have a team to help you with what you need. As a Franchisee, you will be working closely with these teams, so it is important to note your interactions and experiences when meeting for the first time. A Discovery Day is your chance to evaluate the quality of the team and your chemistry as a potential Franchisee.

3. Discover the Culture

When considering buying a Franchise, there are many factors at play. We have discussed the business, and the team, now let's dive into why evaluating company culture is one of the most important factors as a potential Franchisee.

Company culture is one of the most influential factors when it comes to employee loyalty. Having a community at work creates an engaging and supportive environment, not only for each employee, but for franchise owners. When you join a Franchise, you join the culture. When you open your location, you are creating a branch that emulates that same community, even if it is across the nation. Spending an entire day with the franchise team is a great way to get a taste of the company culture and why you should join the team. Take note of your interactions with each member, but also how they interact with each other.

4. Ask Questions

After everything is said and done, Ask questions! The most important thing you can do is ask as many questions as time will allow. More so, make sure to ask follow-up questions throughout the day and learn as much as you can. Discovery Days are your chance to get down into the nitty gritty and find out what franchising is all about. Each company is excited to teach you more about what they do. A good rule of thumb is – don't hesitate to ask.

5. What's in it for me?

Franchising is a great business to invest in your future with low failure rates and high lucrative sales. As a potential franchisee, you have the world at your fingertips. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on best practices, learn about different companies, and discover what Franchise will suit you, and your family, best. Attending a Discovery Day is the best way to learn more and find the right fit for you.

Learn more about franchising when you attend an Honest Abe Roofing Discovery Day! Schedule a call with our sales team to learn more about a virtual or in-person discovery day, or see our brochure to find out more about franchising opportunities.

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