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Joe Rogan Would Make a Great Franchise Owner

Late last week, news broke that Joe Rogan, host of the hugely popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, had inked an exclusive deal with the music streaming juggernaut Spotify. The details are slim now, but what we do know is that he will be moving all of his new shows to their platform in July, and all previous airings will be available exclusively on Spotify come January 2021.

At over $100 million, this deal is one of the podcast industry's largest licensing agreements ever. But that massive sum should prove to be worth every penny. Rogan's podcast is the single most widely consumed podcast out there. News of the signing sent Spotify stocks soaring, adding $1.7 billion to it's market cap in just 30 minutes. Further proof that content is king - in any economy!

The most remarkable thing about this news is not the staggering amount of money, it's the person at the center of it all - Joe Rogan. Think back to 20 years ago. Would you have ever guessed that Joe Rogan would be one of the best-known and influential people on the planet?

If you did, you could have a career as a psychic. Not even Ms. Cleo saw this one coming.

At that time, he was a supporting cast member for a struggling sitcom (News Radio), and the host of Fox's Fear Factor. On the surface, you'd probably say it seems impossible for a guy like that to be here today, but once you know more about his work ethic, you'd understand how he got here.

From that point of relative obscurity in the late nineties and early 2000s, he was forced to take a step backward after both Fear Factor and News Radio were canceled. Unlike many of his contemporaries (Andy Dick and Jon Lovitz to name a few), he didn't let his career become a flash in the pan. Like everyone who achieves greatness, he didn't allow the momentary setback to discourage him. He knew that he may have to take a step back to move forward.

He has always been a lifelong practitioner of martial arts. He took that background and parleyed it into a gig hosting MMA events. That kept him enough in the spotlight to get gigs as a touring comedian. From there he honed his skills and in 2010 began hosting the podcast that would eventually make him a millionaire.

How Joe Rogan Became Successful

Rogan has experienced the success that most people can only dream of because of two basic rules of achievement.

1. He stayed true to himself by only doing things he believed in.

2. He worked harder than anyone else at it.

That's a simple formula that countless others have employed to enjoy the same kind of results. The good news is, you can do it too. Find something you love and believe in, and work your butt off at it.

If owning a business is something you believe you would LOVE to do, then you should consider owning a franchise!

Owning a franchise will give you the tools, training, and resources necessary to help expedite your learning curve (flatten the curve if you will). That way, you can focus on working your butt off, instead of going through the trial and error of starting a business from scratch.

Franchise Opportunities

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