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Roofing Flyers: How to Craft Them so They Generate Business

Is using flyers for a roofing business an effective advertising choice? Many roofers swear by them, saying flyers have a better return on investment than digital ads. Roofing flyers help businesses stand out from the crowd more than online listings or social media ads. Plus, flyers are tangible. Homeowners thinking about a new roof tend to hang on to those flyers and refer to them when they are ready to get a quote.

Don’t know where to start with creating a roofing flyer? Get roofing flyer ideas on websites for printers and on graphic design apps, like Canva. Then, decide what to promote and how to say it. The copy needs to be clear, concise, and conversational. Conclude with a compelling call to action.

Effective Roofing Flyers Showcase Your Selling Points

When creating flyers for a roofing business, start your thought process by reviewing your brand guidelines. Brand guidelines inform how to write and design your flyer. All business flyers need to communicate:

  • A unique selling proposition. Does your business stand out for excellent customer service? Do you have expertise installing high-end roofs? Is your financing better than what other roofing businesses supply? Or does something else make you the right choice for prospective customers?

  • Professionalism. Prospects expect to see a logo, an attractive design, and professional writing on roofing flyers. The design should illustrate what your business stands for and your brand personality. Is it formal or informal? City or country? Serving businesses or homeowners? Are you sports fans or supporters of the arts?

  • Memorable stories. You want the community to recognize your name and services in the months and years ahead. Accomplish this by including examples of your brand in action. You can use a photo of satisfied customers standing in front of their home with a quote from them under it. Before and after photos also show off your brand.

For help homing in on your unique selling proposition ask current and former customers about their experience with your business. Send them a Net Promoter Score Survey or other survey after every job. When you get positive results, include them on your next roofing flyer. Or, keep it simple and ask customers testimonials when you finish their project.

That said, if you are already part of a roofing franchise, your corporate office might already have flyers you can use. Take a look at these and see if they have all the necessary elements. If so, you’ve saved yourself some hard work re-inventing the wheel. If not, see if you can get the franchises brand guidelines so you can create something even better.

Writing and Design Tips for Flyers for a Roofing Business

Attractive, easy-to-read roofing flyers get the attention of readers quickly, then keep them reading. Get a polished flyer by outsourcing the job to a creative agency or freelance graphic designer and a copywriter. Expect to pay a professional designer anywhere from $200 to $1,500. Copywriting will cost $200 to $500.

If you are a skilled writer, or someone on your team is, you may want to write the flyer yourself. Online graphic design tools have simplified the design process, making it possible to save money by designing flyers in-house.

Writing a Roofing Flyer

Write the copy for a flyer as if you were telling someone about the topic. Use conversational words. Avoid roofing terms, and tell a memorable story.

Follow these five steps to create the copy:

  1. Write down everything you want to communicate about your service or promotion. Engage readers with stories or testimonials and explain what sets your service apart from the competition.

  2. Shorten the copy by reading what you wrote then cutting unnecessary words and sentences.

  3. Write a headline that entices readers to keep reading. Use short words and an action verb.

  4. Add your contact information: phone number, email, website, and local address.

  5. End with a call to action such as “Call Us Today” or “Our Spring Special Runs Through May 15 So Contact Us Today.”

When you are finished with the copy, ask a team member to review it. That second set of eyes ensures that what you want to communicate is understood.

Designing a Roofing Flyer

Roofing businesses now have access to online graphic design tools, making it easy to put together print materials. Begin the design process by looking at examples of business flyers and templates on printers’ websites. Note how they apply the overarching concepts of flyer design:

  • Use bold, contrasting colors to draw attention to the flyer.

  • Make the text easy to read by using large fonts (Letter styles are called fonts.)

  • Choose a different font for the headline and bold it.

  • Break up the text with bullets and numbered lists.

  • Leave space around the pictures and blocks of text.

  • Create graphics to make facts more readable. For example, show the lifespan of types of roofing materials in a chart.

When using photos on flyers, make sure they are high resolution. Printers recommend a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) for every image. On an 8.5”x11” flyer with a background photo the image needs to be 2550x3300 pixels, or around 8.4 megapixels. If you do not have photos of this quality, and you have a photographer on your team, ask him or her to shoot some pictures. Or hire a local photographer to capture images you can use for the flyer and other marketing materials.

Roofing Flyer Ideas

Where do you get ideas for roofing flyers content? Brainstorm ideas based on three categories of roofing flyers:

  1. Service Highlights. When marketing a new roofing business, introduce your services on a flyer to distribute in targeted neighborhoods and at events.

  2. Before and After. Many homeowners trust roofing businesses more when they see before and after pictures. These flyers are an excellent way to target homeowners who may be in the market for an upgraded roof.

  3. Sales Promotion. Drive leads and boost sales by distributing roofing flyers advertising short-term discounts or other offers.

Find more ideas for roofing flyers by following social media for successful roofing businesses. Another good way to get ideas is paying attention to ads for other businesses and taking note of those you like.

Measuring the Success of Roofing Flyer Campaigns

Advertising via roofing flyers is inexpensive. The cost of printing 1,000 flyers for a roofing business ranges from less than $100 for online printers to $200 and up for local printers. And the great news is that volume discounts are steep—while you might pay $100 for 1,000 flyers, you might only pay $125 for double that amount!

The quality of printing varies, so make sure to read reviews and ask around before committing to printing flyers. Do not print less than 1,000 at a time. A smaller quantity costs almost as much as the usual run of 1,000 or more. Add any cost of design or writing work to the printing price and you still have a low-cost advertising tactic.

To measure the return on investment of a flyer campaign, try including a QR code on the flyers. Program the QR code to open on a landing page on your website. Then, you will be able to see how many people respond to the flyer and can adjust your advertising strategy as needed.

Flyers yield strong ROI for many roofing businesses. They appeal to people who appreciate high-touch advertising and traditional business practices. Honest Abe Roofing supplies a full suite of marketing materials, including flyers, to our franchisees. Roofing business owners save time and make more money with the help of our marketing professionals. Explore the benefits of owning an Honest Abe Roofing franchise by contacting a franchise advisor today.


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