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What Training Do I Need to Open a Roofing Franchise?

hands-on training is available with Honest Abe Roofing when you open a roofing franchise.

Even if you are a seasoned industry professional, there’s a lot to learn about owning a roofing franchise. You can take advantage of Honest Abe’s valuable insights with our complete training for franchise owners. 

Start With Our Training Launch Process

Our 12-week launch process includes in-person training, online training, zoom training, and franchise training

In-person training

We train you face-to-face at our corporate offices and we travel to your location as well. We want to make sure you get the best training so you can start to see success right away. 

Training online

Abe University is our online training for roofing franchisees. In over 1,000 hours of video available, we train team members to be great sales and field managers. In addition to a brief overview of the Honest Abe Roofing culture, training also covers:

  • Installation instructions

  • Sales training

  • Hiring crews

  • Overseeing installations

  • Bookkeeping and invoicing

  • Marketing

  • Customer service 

Zoom training

We keep you up to date through a weekly Zoom training session and this also allows us to answer any questions you might have. 

Franchise training

Mark your calendar the first Friday of every month! This is when we host training for franchises where we go over industry trends and leadership skills. 

Learn To Promote Your Franchise

Franchise owners can take full advantage of branding and marketing that’s already established. We realize not all new business owners are experts in promoting their business along with all the other things you need to focus on. You can learn from and depend on a marketing team of pros to create campaigns for consumer marketing:

  • Digital: emails, website

  • Social: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

  • Retargeting: who was interested in the past but wasn’t ready to commit 

  • Traditional: billboards, magazines

You Will Receive Ongoing Support

In addition to roofing franchise training, we have a dedicated franchise liaison which means you have constant support at any time during your franchising journey. We know new franchisees need a lot of support getting started, but we’re here once you get your feet under you as well. As a franchise owner, you will receive:

  • Marketing support

  • Sales support, including informational podcasts, training videos, and sales meetings

  • Human resources support to help you recruit, hire, and train your teams

  • Access to approved vendors and materials to aid in your construction process

Remember, any questions, concerns, issues, and advice–anything you need—we have your back.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Honest Abe has specialized CRM tailored to the unique needs of the roofing industry. This can significantly improve your efficiency, communication, and customer satisfaction.


Start Your Roofing Franchise Training

Contact our team if you want to be part of a franchise that provides thorough training and constant support so you can be successful in the roofing industry. Our business model offers low overhead, quick return rates, and high annual revenue. We’d love to help you succeed just as our business has since 2007.  


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