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When are Roofing Franchises the Busiest?

the busiest time for roofing companies is seasons with warm tempetures that create longer days and more room for work.

In the roofing industry, some seasons are definitely better than others for roof installation and repairs. But there’s much more to owning a roofing franchise than climbing ladders and nailing shingles down. Here’s why roofing franchises stay busy all year long. 

The Busiest Seasons for Roofing Franchises 

Roofing season is generally the time of year when temperatures are suitable to install a new roof – which is between 40 and 80 degrees. Here’s where the different seasons fall when it comes to staying busy.


Spring is Wet, But Profitable

In spring, heavy rains cause a lot of roofing project delays. However, business stays consistent in spring due to homeowners who are eager to have hail damage on their roof repaired.  

Summer is Busy, But Can Get Too Hot

Summer is often a busy time for roofing, but it can be sporadic. In northern states where summers are mild, it’s not surprising to see roofers busy in every neighborhood. But in areas that experience extreme heat, roofing franchise owners usually refrain from installation on the hottest days since it poses a danger to crew members. And because the hot sun can heat an asphalt roof up to 165 degrees, it makes shingles extremely difficult to handle.


Fall is Almost Perfect for Roofing

Early fall poses ideal weather conditions because it’s not too hot, not too cold, and doesn’t rain a lot. Homeowners are also anxious to make sure their roofs will be able to withstand upcoming harsh winter weather.

Many roofing franchises in the southwest (like Arizona, Nevada, and parts of California) continue roofing as long as the weather is warm, which is often as late as December. There are also plenty of areas in the south, mid-south, and southeast with weather that allows for 12 months of roofing installs. 

Roofing Jobs Happen in Winter, Too

Although winter isn’t the busiest time of year for a roofing franchise, many homeowners realize they need a roof replacement when standing snow or an ice dam causes leaks. At that point, they are eager to start shopping for a roofing company before structural damage occurs. A new roof in winter also appeals to homeowners due to the comfort and energy-saving benefits of today’s roofing materials. 

Most asphalt shingles require temperatures to be above 40 degrees for adhesive to stick, making winter a bad time for roofing in some states. But in some areas, daytime temps are warm enough for installation, and some materials such as Honest Abe’s Polymer Modified shingles, can be installed at or above 0 degrees. 

The truth is, a roof can display signs of wear or failure no matter the time of year – and that’s when a roofing franchise should be ready to work. 

Beyond Installation: Growing Your Roofing Franchise Business Keeps You Busy All Year Long

No matter where you live, maintaining a good reputation for your business is a full-time job. Even when the installation calendar isn’t full, you’ll be plenty busy doing what successful roofing business owners do:

Following up with customers. Since word-of-mouth is truly the lifeblood of most roofing businesses, it’s crucial to take time to make sure customers are pleased with your work and to fix whatever they’re not happy with. 

Continuing education. The roofing industry is constantly evolving. You will want to attend trade shows and conferences and read the latest publications to keep up with new products, trends, and technology.

Working on a marketing plan. Your SEO-optimized website, Google business listing, and listings on home improvement referral sites such as Yelp need to be updated regularly to stay relevant.

Scheduling installs. Even during the off-season, you’ll be scheduling installations and repairs for upcoming months. This entails assigning tasks to crew members, creating checklists for each task, and ordering materials to be delivered on certain dates.  

Hiring and training crew members. If you’re lucky, you’ll keep the same installers year after year, but every roofing franchise owner should be prepared to hire new crew members at all times. This means using the right job boards to draw qualified candidates, posting openings on social media, and asking the right questions during interviews. And to keep current employees motivated, you’ll need to offer continuous training and incentives for promotion.

Honest Abe Provides Everything You Need to Run a Successful Roofing Franchise


Instead of asking “When are roofing franchises the busiest?” the question is “When are they not busy?” And the answer is never! Fortunately, owning an Honest Abe Roofing franchise means having the support and resources to help you succeed in every season. All of our franchise owners attend a two-week training course that informs on lead creation, marketing, sales, and customer support. We also provide access to a network of experienced, certified roofing professionals with background checks, and manage them for you so you can focus on getting new business. 

In addition, you also get:

  • Premium roofing materials

  • The latest information on the newest roofing trends

  • Opportunities to network with owners just like you around the country

  • Much, much more!

Honest Abe Roofing has the business model in place to help you get started, manage employees, boost sales, and more. Contact us today to discuss how we can help. 


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